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Welcome to the Satyen Saha's Research Group

This research group is focused on several wide ranges of subject arrears such as 1) Structural chemistry, 2) Physical-organic chemistry, 3) Molecular spectroscopy and 4) High Energy Density material chemistry,  and 5) Photophysics of organic and inorganic molecules.

 Research activities:

Area of Specialization: (Spectroscopy and Physical-Organic Chemistry)

Current research topics in the group:

1.    Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of high energy density materials.

2.    Synthesis, physical properties and structural studies of new class of low melting salts.

3.    Experimental and theoretical (DFT) studies of structure, vibrational and transitions in organic and inorganic molecules.

4.    Ground state and excited state charge transfer complex.

5.    Photophysical studies (ground and excited state) of organic molecules.

6.   Studies of reaction mechanism in ionic liquids and developing new reaction methodology.

The Techniques that we use:

1)    Experimental: UV-Vis spectroscopy, Fluorescence, FT-IR, Raman spectroscopy. single crystal X-ray diffraction, viscosity, DSC, TGA, Multi-nuclear NMR etc.

2)    Theoretical: DFT, TD-DFT (gas and solution phase)