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A)  Departmental facilities:

MicroRaman Spectrometer (LabRam, Horiba)
Multinuclear NMR (JEOL)
Single crystal X-Ray diffractrometer (Oxford)
Fluorescence spectrophotometer (model: Fluorolog C22, Jobin-Horiba yvon with integrated sphere for solid state quantum yield measurement)
Fluorescence spectrophotometer (model: Fluorolog 21, Jobin-Horiba yvon)
UV-Vis spectrophotometer
CHN analyser
Differential Scanning Calorimeter Device
Thermogravimetric Analysis Device
Atomic Force Microscope
Particle size analyser
Microwave synthesizer

   B) Lab facilities:

UV-Visible spectrophotometer with 10 cell changer sample holder, peltier temperature controller. (Cary Bio-100, Agilent)
UV-Vis Diffuse Reflectance measurement setup (Agilent)  
Micro-viscometer (LOVIS 2000, Anton Paar)
Fluorescence spectrometer (Fluoromax 3)
Automated melting point system (OptiMelt, Stanford Research system).
Sartorius micro-balance.
Polarization microscope
with HR digital camera
Low temperature bath (Julabo)
Rotary vacuum pump with aspirator (Heidolph)